How to recover deleted partition on Mac?

If yes, then here is the solution!!!

The Mac computers are the world’s best systems that anyone would admire. It has numerous attractive features which makes it irresistible to use. It has stunning built with the glass and aluminum. Mac also comes with lots of software benefits. You can maintain data on your Mac by making different partitions called logical volumes. This makes the data manageable and you can have dual boot system. The speed of execution of the programs will be more. There are lots of benefits of having volumes on Mac.

At times you need to manage the volumes on Mac. Suppose you have more data on a drive and want to expand it to store more. It is possible by resizing the volumes. If you do not have free space then you need to delete some data and make some free space to resize the volume. While resizing, you had deleted the volume by backing up the important data in it and expanded the other volume. When you tried to access some data on Mac, you are shocked not to find the files. Then you realize that you had not copied of the files before deleting the volume. What can be done in such situations? Have you lost the data forever? No… You can undelete Mac volume using recovery software. Mac file recovery software is one of the best recovery software which you can rely on.

Few scenarios in which Mac partitions are deleted:

Deleting wrong partition: The partitions can be deleted using settings on the system or using third party software. If you had deleted a wrong partition, you will lose all the important and confidential data. You might have taken the backup of a volume and deleted some other volume. In such situations, you need to recover the deleted partition using recovery software.  

Formatting: After formatting the computer, all the data on the computer are deleted. The file systems are removed with the records of the data on the drive. The volumes on the Mac hard drive will be lost. In such situation, you need to recover data using recovery software. Mac file recovery software is one of the reliable recovery software.

Reformatting : Reformatting is a process of replacing the file system of the volumes with new file system. The old volume will be lost. If you want to access the data from the old volume on Mac then you need to use recovery software. You can recover the deleted volume using Mac file recovery software effectively.

OS reinstallation: When you reinstall the OS then the volumes on the computer will be deleted. Therefore it is necessary to take data backup before OS reinstallation. If you do not have the backup then you can recover that using recovery software. Mac file recovery software helps you to recover deleted partition easily.

Key features of Mac file recovery software:

Mac file recovery is one of the popular recovery software to recover deleted partition on Mac. You can recover files of different file types using the software. You can recover photos from Mac PCs effectively. Other files like video, audio, documents, etc. can be possible using the software. The software has easy to navigate interface and hence you can recover the files without much knowledge about the software. The wide varieties of memory cards like xD, SDHC, CF or SD card recovery on Mac is possible using the software. Travel To the provided link to restore SD card files. The software recovers not only partitions but also data in any other loss scenario like file system corruption of the drives. The software requires minimal space to install it on the computer. You can compress the files after recovery if disk space is an issue. The software supports different Operating Systems and hence Mac OS X 10.5.x and above versions, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion file recovery is possible using the software. Go through to extract more info related to recovery on Lion. You can try the demo version of the software to evaluate the recovery result.

Know how to recover deleted partition using Mac file recovery software:

Step1: Download and install the Mac File Recovery Software on Mac computer. You will get the main screen of the software as shown below. Select “Recover Volumes / Drives” to recover deleted volume.

Undelete OS X - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive on Mac to scan for the deleted volume and click “Next”. The drive is scanned and you will get the list of previous volumes on the drive. Select the deleted volume and scan to recover the data in it.

Recover files from Mac - Hard Drive Selection Screen Screen

Step 3: After scanning, the result of the files of the drive are listed as below. Preview and save the recovered files on a drive using “Save” option.

Retsore Mac files - Preview Screen

Remo For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users